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Schedule Exam Accommodations

You are encouraged to discuss exam accommodations with instructors. Collaboration between students and instructors most often leads to creative, optimal accommodation solutions. It is always best if you can take your tests/exams with the professor or GTA so you can have the same access to them as the other students in the class during the exam. For example, your instructor may be able to provide an environment for extra time for exams and may even suggest that your exam be proctored by a GTA assigned to his/her courses. Sometimes, however, extended time or other exam accommodations cannot be provided by an instructor. Additionally, you may need to use a reader, writer, computer (word processor), or other equipment to enable you to optimally perform on testing. More extensive accommodations such as these will necessitate a proctored exam environment.

How to schedule a proctored exam through the Office of Accessibility:

  1. Meet with your instructor to discuss your testing accommodations and determine if OA Testing Center will be needed to proctor your exams.
  2. Log into AIM Student Portal.
  3. Locate and click Alternative Testing on the left-hand side under My Accommodations
  4. Choose the course you need testing accommodations and click Schedule an Exam
  5. Provide exam details and click Add Exam Request

NOTE: It is your responsibility to request all exams and/or finals you would like to have proctored by the OA Testing Center.

PDF Instructions of How to Schedule Proctored Exams

After you complete the online request:

  1. An email with your request details will be sent to you and your instructor from the OA Testing Center. Your instructor can either approve or cancel your request to make other arrangements.
  2. Once approved, the proctored exam will be scheduled, and an email sent to you regarding the date/time of the proctored exam.
  3. You can view your scheduled time in the AIM Student Portal under Alternative Testing.
  4. OA Testing Center will secure a copy of your exam from your instructor.
  5. Arrive 15 minutes early with your AU Student ID to checkin with your proctor.
  6. Once your exam is completed, the OA Testing Staff will return the completed exam to your instructor for grading.

NOTE: While every attempt will be made to schedule proctored exams or finals during the regularly scheduled class exam/final period, proctored exams or finals may not coincide with class exams or finals, depending on your class schedule and available proctors and space.

Deadlines for requesting proctored exams:

NOTE: Final exam schedule is posted at the start of each semester by the Registrar Final Exam Schedule. You are encouraged to make final exam requests as soon as possible. Any late requests will be filled if space and proctors are available.