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SKILL is a fee-for-service academic support program for undergraduate students with documented evidence of learning differences and executive functioning challenges. SKILL includes weekly coaching sessions which focus on: study skills, time management, decision making, organization, planning, effective and professional communication and academic progress monitoring.

Steps to Apply to SKILL

  1. Complete the application; the application reserves the student's place in the program or on the waitlist.
  2. The student will receive a confirmation email, upon receipt of the application.
  3. Students who enroll in SKILL must have a documented learning difference and/or executive functioning challenge as verified by the Office of Accessibility. To submit medical documentation to the Office of Accessibility, visit or email

Note: Because space for SKILL is limited, a student may apply to SKILL in order to reserve their space before submitting documentation to the Office of Accessibility. Verification of documentation and eligibility will occur during the SKILL intake process.


Students enrolled in SKILL must have a documented learning difference or executive functioning challenge as verified by the Office of Accessibility; however, SKILL is an optional fee based service and is not considered an accommodation. Fees are $1600 per semester charged to the student's eBill account. Fees cover the administrative costs of the program, such as salaries, technology, and supplies. A limited number of fee waivers are available for students who demonstrate financial need as determined by their FAFSA, preference will be given to students who are eligible for Federal Pell Grant. It may not be possible to grant all requests for a fee waiver for students who demonstrate financial need; if the number of students who apply exceeds the number of funds available, waivers will be granted based on the EFC as determined by the FAFSA, meaning the waiver will go to the students who demonstrate the most financial need.


For the SKILL intake process, the student will complete an intake questionnaire and participate in an intake interview. Parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to be involved in the intake process. Intake interviews will be conducted over Zoom. During the intake interview, we will discuss the SKILL coaching program, review the information included in the student and parent intake questionnaires, discuss important policies as detailed in the SKILL Coaching Contract and schedule the student’s academic coaching appointment time.

Application and Intake Forms

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