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Housing and Dining Accommodations

Housing Accommodations

To begin the process of requesting a housing accommodation, please contact the Office of Accessibility at 334-844-2096 or accessibility@auburn.edu. Additionally, visit University Housing for more information.

Dining Accommodations

Students with extreme dietary restrictions due to severe food allergies or other medical conditions are encouraged to complete an online dining accommodations request. Please note, all requests must be submitted by the 10th day of class.

  1. To apply for accommodation, you will first need to schedule a consultation with our Tiger Dining dietitian, Kaiten Zajac. We are able to accommodate the vast majority of food allergies and dietary restrictions on campus, and Kaiten is a great resource for information, resources, and tips about how to dine safely on campus.
  2. You have two dining accommodation options:
    1. The first, a medical reduction, is available for students who live on campus. Under this option, you’ll be billed the $1100 meal plan and will have access to all those funds. However, you’re only required to use $350/semester. Any funds remaining in your account (up to a maximum of $750) will be refunded to your eBill at the conclusion of each semester.
    2. The second is a complete dining plan exemption. To request this accommodation, you will need to complete this form after you have been registered and approved through the Office of Accessibility.
  3. Log onto your AU Access account and click the “My Campus” tab: Au Access Screenshot My Campus
  4. Be sure to read the instructions carefully. We cannot process incomplete requests or requests without documentation. Au Access Screenshot Read Instructions
  5. Click on the “Medical Dining Plan Accommodation Request” link: Au Access Screenshot Medical Dining Plan Accommodation Request
  6. Complete the entire Medical Campus Dining Plan Accommodation Request: Au Access Screenshot Complete Medical Campus Dining Plan Accommodation Request
  7. Confirm and submit your request. You will see this screen: Au Access Screenshot Confirm and Submit Request
  8. You will see this when you’re done. Watch your email for any correspondence regarding your application and monitor your eBill activity for an adjustment. We make every effort to complete account adjustments within the first 15 class days. Au Access Screenshot Completion Verification