Improving Accessibility when Planning an Event or Program

The planning of any campus event should include preparation for student, employees, and visitors with disabilities that may attend. Below are some suggestions to help ensure our campus event are welcoming to all participants. If you need assistance with any of the topics below, please contact the Office of Accessibility at 334-844-2096.

  • Pre-event publicity should include a statement encouraging participants to contact a particular person or department to request accommodations.

  • Provide information about accessible parking, accessible entrances, accessible restrooms, and path of travel.

  • If a participant request braille or other accessible materials be available, contact the Office of Accessibility at 334-844-2096 to help with the conversion. Please allow adequate time for the production of accessible materials.

  • All videos should be captioned and turned on.

  • If sign language interpreting and captioning are being provided, include directions to the best view for participants.

  • Typically two sign language interpreters will be needed for events. Contact the Office of Accessibility for a list of resources.

  • During on-site registration, ensure that the staff is aware of the location of accessible seating, restrooms, parking, and elevators.

  • In case of an emergency, an evacuation plan should be developed to assist patrons with disabilities get to a safe location. Contact the Department of Public Safety and Security for guidance and possible training.

  • Designate someone to assist with the carrying of materials, meals, and other items.

  • Ensure straws are available if serving refreshments.

Accessibility Checklist for Events

Office of Communication and Marketing on hosting disability friendly events.

Statement Example for Event Announcement

If you need disability related accommodations or wheelchair access information, please contact (person/office) at (include phone and email address). If you need Sign Language Interpreting or Live Captioning at the event, please notify the (person/office) as soon as possible. The University will always do its best to fill interpreting or captioning requests; however, it may be impossible to coordinate interpreters or captioning request without reasonable notice.

Last updated: 05/13/2024