Scheduling an Exam with OA Testing Center

Steps to Take an Exam with OA

  1. Communicate alternative testing accommodations with instructor and determine if the OA Testing Center will be needed to proctor exam

  2. Complete OA Exam Request Form in AIM (see instructions below) 5 business/7 calendar days in advance of exam

  3. Arrive at OA Testing Center on time with necessary materials

How to Submit Request in AIM

  1. Log in to AIM Student Portal

  2. Click Alternative Testing under My Accommodations

  3. Select Class in the drop down menu and click Schedule an Exam

  4. Provide exam details and click Add Exam Request

    • If you have any scheduling conflicts, such as back-to-back classes, please make a note of it in the Additional Note field.

After Request is Complete

  • OA Proctoring Coordinator will review request and schedule the exam based on details provided by student and instructor.

  • An email will be sent to you with the scheduled date and time of the proctored exam.

  • OA will secure a copy or access to the exam.

  • If possible, arrive 15 minutes early with your Photo ID for check-in with your proctor.

  • After completion, the OA Testing Staff will return the exam to your instructor for grading.

Day of Exam Reminders

  • Arrive on time

    • Students arriving 15 minutes late run the risk of being marked "No Show"

  • Photo ID is required to take exams with OA

  • Bring and use only approved materials/items for exam

  • Restroom breaks will be limited to 5 to 10 minutes

    • Excessive breaks may be reported to instructor

  • No food or drink in Testing Center

    • Unless you have food/drink accommodations

  • No tobacco-related products allowed

  • Complete exams during approved testing time including bubble sheet.

  • Return all exam pages and scratch paper to proctor

    • No materials can be taken from testing room

  • Communicate exam issues promptly to the proctor for resolution

    • No additional access will be given if not reported

  • Any questions can be written on the exam or instructor Communication Form

    • Student will contact the instructor after completion of exam

    • No texting or calling instructors during the exam

  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled exam, please notify your instructor and ASAP

OA Testing Center Policies

  • Student must have approval from instructor before scheduling exam with OA 

  • Exam should be scheduled same day and time as the rest of the class

    • 5 business days (7 calendar) for regular exams and quizzes

    • 20 business days (refer to “Important Dates” in AIM) for finals 

  • Late requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis 

    • Requests 1 business day in advance or the day of exam WILL NOT be accepted

    • Contact instructor for other arrangements

    • Exam may have to be taken with instructor without accommodations

  • Late arrival/No Show

    • If a student is more than 15 minutes late for their scheduled start time, the exam will not be administered

    • Student will be marked as a No Show and their instructor will be notified

    • Rescheduling of exams requires instructor approval

  • OA may adjust your request depending on your class schedule, available proctors, and/or space

  • Student’s AU email will be official mode of communication. We cannot communicate with non-AU email addresses to protect your privacy 

  • Make-up exams

    • Missing an exam with OA is treated the same as missing it with your instructor

      • Students must follow the make-up policy detailed in course syllabus 

      • OA requires permission from instructor before rescheduling 

      • No make-up exams will be proctored during Finals week 

  • OA only provides proctoring for in-person courses and does not accommodate virtual proctoring (ex. ProctorU)

  • OA makes every effort to ensure students abide by The Student Academic Honesty Code. Any suspected violations will be reported to faculty.

Last updated: 05/13/2024